Tom Brady 2013-2014 Highlights

Tom Brady is arguably the best quarterback in NFL history. He is one of the most clutch players in NFL history, and every season he finds a way to win.

Last season, Brady struggled because of the shortage of wide receivers, and losing both tight ends, Aaron Hernandez (In jail because of murder), and Rob Gronkowski (Only played 7 games due to injury).

During the end of the season, the receiving corps stepped up, and so did Brady’s stats, and the Patriots’ record. They ended up losing to the Denver Broncos in the AFC Championship 16-26.


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8 Responses to Tom Brady 2013-2014 Highlights

  1. samualbitz says:

    This comment should be approved now plz.

  2. Tom Brady is a very good quarterback. This video shows that all the facts that support you claim. He has won a 3 Super Bowls and is very clutch. Although I don’t think he is the best. In my opinion Peyton Manning is the best.
    He has won one Super Bowl with the Colts who arguably had a much worse team than any of Tom’s Patriot’s teams. Manning just went to the Super Bowl while beating the Patriots along the way. He has a few more years to get at least another Super Bowl with the Broncos who are favorites again. Manning is also one of the best regular season quarterback in history. He can outduel Brady.

    • Brady has beaten Manning’s Colts team to get to the super bowl as well my friend.

      • 2 of Brady’s 3 rings came in the super bowl when they were UNDERDOGS. like against the Rams and Eagles. so if you want to get into who has had a better team we can debate that as well.

      • Well you see the Patriots had the best defense in the league for many years while the Colts had an average defense and they do say defense wins championships so arguably Manning had a worse team. ps Supper is ready

      • they did have a good defense, but not the best offense. the colts had a better offense, but manning didn’t get the job done. cause brady has a thing I like to call the clutch factor.

  3. I think Tom Brady is the second best quarterback in the league after Peyton Manning but the argument could go both ways depending on what you like better in a quarterback. The Patriots are probably going to do very well this year. I like this post because I love football and I like tom brady.

    Too bad when they play the Vikings second week they are going to lose. Vikings are going to pick off Brady 2 times and brady wont have that many yards. Just kidding, probably not. Just wish that would happen. p.s. Austin, your cute.

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